Music to Take With You

I love listening to music and compiling Spotify playlists is one of my major hobbies. I’ve accumulated a good list of songs and albums that spoke to me while I was moving through spaces on my way to and from home. Here are my recommendations.

Take Offs and Landings

This album by Rilo Kiley made its way into my rotation in August 2015. It fit perfectly into every emotion I felt prior to my departure and quickly turned me into a Jenny Lewis fan. Favorite tracks include Wires and Waves, Pictures of Success, and Plane Crash in C.

Clementine – Sarah Jaffe

I had downloaded my Discover Weekly playlist to listen to on my first flight to Austria. This was the first song that came on as I was sitting on the plane. I remember, quite distinctly, everything hitting me all at once and having to try really hard not to cry in front of my seatmates.

Traveling Alone – Tift Merritt

This song is one of my favorites. The lyrics are comforting for any time you might feel alone.

Maps – the Front Bottoms

I listened to this song incessantly my freshman year of high school. The first line is a declaration I felt was my own.


Vincent captured the height of my angst during the spring I spent in Austria. Whenever I listen to it now, I’m immediately taken back to my bedroom in my third host family’s house.


This is one of my favorite playlists because I save it exclusively for plane travel. It includes some personal favorites, but songs I recommend especially are This Flight Tonight and California by Joni Mitchell, Billions of Eyes by Lady Lamb, Wildewoman by Lucius, This Must Be the Place cover by Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell, and Hard Way Home by Brandi Carlile.

shut-in tourist

I made this playlist to try to capture what I was feeling after about six months in Austria. I can’t believe Band of Horses had a song titled for such an acute perception I had.

the returning / the going

Named from my favorite poem by April Bernard, this playlist is for my upcoming departure and is consequently still a work in progress. I can’t wait to find new songs that resonate with my upcoming experiences!

If you have any songs, albums, or playlists you take with you on your travels, please share them with me!

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